VARIATION 02 is one composition from a series of electronic works. Sinus waves, as an extreme form of resonance, are overlaid with impulses that are scratched precisely into the vinyl with a handheld scalpel. With this reduced, radical means of sound design situated between analogue electronics and electro-mechanics, Martin Lorenz creates music from primitive sounds and signals at the very substratum of electronic sound production.

VARIATION 02 is a pulsating structure whose metre constantly changes. The extreme dynamics of the raw, percussive sounds can only be created on the record by destructive, brute force. Thus the record itself is transformed from being a medium of sound reproduction into the actual object of sound production. The complex manual preparation of the record merely underlines its status as a cult object. With its musical references to the serial music of the 1960s avant-garde VARIATION 02 impresses one by the radicalism of its chosen means.